Introducing my beautiful country, Czech Republic

Introducing my beautiful country, Czech Republic

Everybody in Dubai is asking ‘Where are you from’. Czech Republic is my answer. You never heart about it? That’s why I wrote this post.
At first I thought this theme might not be interested at all, but after 2 months in the Middle East I changed my mind and I believe most of the readers will find the guide useful. 🙂

Where are you from?

‘Where are you from?’ I have been already asked this question million times during my short stay in Dubai. It is usual question in all metropolitan cities an you must count with it. I have hardly met someone who was born in the UAE and so he/she is genuine Emirati national, most of the people living here are expats. However most of people living in Dubay needs only name of their original country and everybody knows it. That’s not the case for small countries such Czech Republic which need to be described by bigger countries nearby.

Here you can find my small home country, in the middle of the Europe

? Germany x Russia x Slovakia ?

Well, I am using ‘Germany’. Maybe it’s not the best option how to introduce my country for example because question ‘Do you speak German in the Czech Republic?’ always follows. But I chose Germany because I think this large country is our the most famous neighbour arround the world. Actually one of my colleague surprised me with her knowledge of Slovakia. Some people here also know a bit about Czechoslovakia from the time of their studies. This way is closer to me than by Germany.  Maybe I will try to find a different way of my explanations later.
I had to force also a lot of questions about Russia and if we speak Russian. -> So for everyone: the Czech Republic is not a part of Russia and we do not speak Russian or German but Czech.


Want to introduce my home

My country is very small in comparison to the UAE (or many other countries), that’s true :)) but has huge heart full of love not only because it is situated in the heart (middle) of Europe. As I mentioned above, our neighbours are Germany, Poland, Slovakia and Austria. We have more than 10 millions inhabitants and our capital city is Prague. Prague is a beautiful city with long history. You don’t find there any skyscrapers, but modern buildings as well as old historical houses. Prague still grows in size but I lived in the city centre and it takes me a few minutes to get anywhere.

Public Transport and Landscape

There is a large difference in a Public transport and transport generally, in Prague you don’t need to have a car to get from one part to another at the end of the city. We have three lines of metro (I don’t believe Dubai still have only one!) and hundreds of Bus or Tram linesI love walking and that is another point I miss here.
We have a rich nature in the CZ – mountains, parks, forests, lakes, caves, rivers; but also a beautiful ancient as well as modern city with castles, churches, squares, restaurants, museums, theatres, pubs, clubs, metro.

Prague castle
Astronomical Clock at Old Town Square by Steve Collis from Melbourne, Australia – Astronomical Clock
Forest in CZ (Kirk)

Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter

In winter it it less than 0°C but could be also more than 0°C, we can do skiing, ice skating, build a snowman because it’s sometimes freezing and it snows. Roads are full of snow or are even frozen that cars can’t go and everyone is angry.
In summer we are happier. It is usually 30°C and we can do every outdoor activities, swimming in swimming pools, sunbathing, sitting in restaurant’s gardens, drinking beers and chatting with friends, barbecuing with family…

Just one thing misses to the Czech Republic during the summer – beach and sea! Therefore almost all Czech families spend 1 or 2 weeks in Italy, Croatia, Spain, Egypt etc. during a summer holiday.

Spring and Fall is almost the same, not hot not cold but often raining.

Czech Mountiens, skiing


Famous in Czech Republic

  • At the first place we are known for good beers. There are more than 300 brewers (brands) in my country. The most famous and sold are Pilsner Urquel, Gambrinus, Staropramen, but we have also a small family brewers which produce very tasty beers, too.


  • Our the most favourite sport is Hockey. Our national hockey team has already won a few World Championships and Olympic Games in 1998. Czech people watch mainly hockey, football and tennis.


  • Another famous thing is Czech car brand – Škoda Auto. I’ ve already seen a few of them in Dubai. There is also one Skoda showroom in Deira. It is the most common car in the Czech Republic, because it’s ours, nice and safe.


  • Miss World – We have the prettiest women in the world. 🙂 Tatina Kucharova represented all beautiful czech women and won Miss World in 2006.


  • Most families have almost one dog,  cat or another small pet. Czech people loves pets, they take care of them and pamper them.
I have never had a dog or a cat, but I think this dog loves me :))

Finally Christmas in Czech

As I said my country is small but has many interesting places and opportunities. Now I am back in the Czech Republic, where I want to spend nice Christmas time with my family and friends. I am so excited, I can feel the Christmassy everywhere. I am spending a whole week by drinking mulled wine at cold Old Town Square in front of the large Christmas tree.  I love the magic Christmas atmosphere there.

Christmas tree at Old Town Square
Typical Czech Christmas sweets made by my mum
Me, mulled wine at Vencleslas square

In which country do you live?

Thank you for reading.
With Love <3

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