I was a Princess for a night

I was a Princess for a night

Once upon a time there was a young blond girl with her dark hair prince who appeared at Dubai Downtown for one night. Their evening in Downtown wasn’t dream but fairytale. What is the ‘must see’ on Downtown in Dubai? It is obviously its ‘the biggest’ – The biggest Shopping Mall, The biggest building, The biggest Fountain,… Do they want to compensate something?

Thorny way to paradise

Prince always wants to make princess happy therefore he came up with an idea how to please her eyes. ‘I would take her to the Biggest Fountain in the world!’ said smart boy. But usually every beginnings are tough, beginning of this story was, too. Unfortunately, princess even prince haven’t got a pumpkin carriage, so this fairytale starts at metro station Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall. A journey to the biggest fountains isn’t straight and without traps. Very good orientation sens is needed. It takes about 30 mins to get through metro tunnel to Shopping Mall and then through Dubai Mall to place outside  where it is possible to observe dancing fountain without any troubles. But prince killed every dragons who wanted to stop them on their way and walked out of shopping Mall with princess in his arms. Place is usually very crowded in the evening but they found a place at a small bridge that offers a great view of the biggest building (Burj Khalifa) and the biggest dancing fountain.

Stunning Fountain’s performance

Fountain’s performance started a few minutes after they came. Throw distance of water raises up to 150 meters high. While watching fountain you watch also Burj Khalifa, which is in the background, shining in the night. It was incredibly amazing, stunning, so romantic, I have no words. It is the best thing in Dubai for me. The performance lasted about 5 mins and is accompanied by arabic song that makes me almost cry.

Princess was satisfied

Princess was happy, satisfied and impressed by such a fabulous place, although it wasn’t enought for Prince who wanted to amaze Princess more. He took her around a lake with fountain and show her many amazing places in Dubai Downtown. They crossed hand in hand many interesting and cozy restaurants mostly serving crack steaks, wine and of course hookahs. All of these restaurants has seating in adorable gardens with stunning view of Burj Khalifa. That makes them first-class restaurants. Every princess secretly wish to have a romantic dinner there. Then we found such a beautiful oasis – Hotel Palace.

Hotel Palace is a real palace

If I was born as a real princess, this would be my palace for sure. This Palace occupies a huge area, we visited only large garden where a opulent raut took place. It was fabulous! I swore to myself I will come back to this hotel like a guest on day. Look at the pictures at their websites and it’s nothing in comparison with reality.

Fairytales need a good end

However, it wasn’t end of our evening, every fairytale needs a good end. Princess and Prince were greedy and wanted to see a treasure of the city again. They walked straight back to the lake and we were lucky because they came on time and the Fountain suddenly started another amazing performance. That one was different from the first one I had seen, that was a very nice surprise for me. I don’t know which one is better, each has its pros and cons, hasn’t it?

What do you think?

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                    Posted by FeelingBlond on 12. říjen 2015


                    Posted by FeelingBlond on 12. říjen 2015


The Fairytale atmosfair can be shown more through the next pictures…

All I want is to be a Princess of Dubai 🙂
An old fashion gate to Downtown
Bufj Khalifa in the night
Princess or an angel in black?
It is said that from the Adress Hotel there is a best view of Burj Khalifa, Who knows?
The Palace
The Palace Hotel Downtown Dubai
Another view of Burj Khalifa
Christmas lights on palms line path

After all, I felt very relaxed and full of energy. My plan for the next free day is to stay there for all performences, then I will be able to choose the best one. Maybe I should take a chair. Finally I can only recommend to visit Dubai downtown, for me the most romantic place in Dubai!

And the fairytale? Does they live happily ever after?

Princess A.

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