Philippines Day 4 – Chocolate Hills

Philippines Day 4 – Chocolate Hills


Today we woke up in a small room by a family kitchen of Carmen Villa in the middle of a forest with Chocolate hills, which are the most famous site in Bohol. On the way to Panglao island, which is just next to Bohol, we saw Chop adventure park, huge Hand made forest and ended in Loboc from where we are planning to go to see Tarsiers tomorrow morning.
We got lost a few times while looking for the point view, from where you can observe famous Chocolate Hills. We were using Google maps as usually, but better to ask people living there, which way goes to the lookout. By paying a few pesos you can drive up to one hill from which you can see other chocolate hills. There’s an old not finished lookout. The view is beautiful, we took some pictures and got back down. Our Chocolate Hills were to much green and weren’t enough visible from the green forest background. These are large hills in a shape of cone (one piece of chocolate bar). It looks like chocolate pieces especially during a dry months when they are brown, during a rainy season which began this or last month they are unfortunately green.
We saw an adventure park on the other side of a chocolate hills from the lookout at the top and decided to go there. It was quite hard to find it, since we didn’t know the name of it, just an approximate location. Thanks that we saw so many chocolate hills from another point of view, the nature around hills is amazing. Now we know it was Chap (Chocolate Hills Adventure Park).

After a lunch in Chap park we headed to Loboc, a small village on the south but couldn’t miss Hand made forest, which was on the way there. It’s a large peaceful part of nature, so calm just with a sound of some crickets all around.

We found Loboc in the evening and checked in a small cottage without AC, only fan and without an own bathroom. Oh my goooosh It was the cheapest ‘hotel’ I’ve ever been to, for only 600php per night (2 persons). Anyway there is a beautiful view of the river, the location is perfect, so I can only recommend this place. If you prefer eating with locals, do go to the square in the evening for a delicious BBQ dinner. Choose from chicken or pork pieces (variety of legs, brains, guts, hearts…) or even a lizards. 

Loboc, our small cosy cottage and my first mosquito net

BBQ at the main square
Tomorrow another island – Panglao!!!

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