Weekend Camping in Fujairah mountains

Weekend Camping in Fujairah mountains

In the middle of the Fujairah mountains, we found a beautifully hidden camping spot. It is accessible by a rocky road either from Dibba – Massafi road or you can enjoy a nice drive through farms and villages from E18 (that’s what we did).

It’s an easy drive from Dubai that will take you through nice hidden villages. Once you climb around 500 meters above sea level, you’ll find a few interesting camping spots. The one we stayed at is at the end of a rocky road (a few hundred meters of offroading), hidden between 2 mountains.

A view when camping in Fujairah

Starting point: https://goo.gl/maps/Pampw66JpEoST69v6

4×4: yes (to reach the exact spot – you might find something accessible with a sedan as well)

Track: solid / rock road



Our favourite camping spot in Fujairah

Camping spot location: https://goo.gl/maps/ushkmTwmfTSi7wW99

It is nicely hidden in between 2 mountains which protects you from the wind as well as the early morning sun. Just watch out for sudden rain.

Sunrise overlooking Fujairah mountains

The sunrise is always beautiful here!


Fujairah mountains

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