Where to eat and drink in Tbilisi (and around)

Where to eat and drink in Tbilisi (and around)

Georgia is famous for its cuisine. While we are not big fans of bread or dumplings, we tried quite a few places and some of them several times. Here’s the list of our favorite places to eat and drink in Tbilisi (and around).

One of the very few places that open at 9 am. Awesome breakfast menu and delicious coffee. Loved Buckwheat Eggs Benedict and Scrambled eggs with truffle oil and mushrooms. Don’t forget to try their amazing pancakes. You can spice your breakfast up with a glass of morning Prossecco. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere, am I right? Each meal was around 20-30 GEL.

During the day and night, it’s a bar with an amazing selection of high-end cocktails. Kikodze is inside of a big ‘courtyard’ with several different restaurants and bars – all are nice! You might not need to look for a different place to eat and drink. All in one place, how handy?! ?

Small cozy coffee shop, a bit further away from the city center but calmer space than others. It has a nice relaxed atmosphere. We spent a half-day working from there, coffee is good as well as the food. Meals around 10-13 GEL, coffee 3-6 GEL.

Lunch, dinner, and drinks
Now, 4 places within the same group (Gruzian Ambiente) follow. They have one thing in common – they transform old objects into super cool (bit hipsterish) F&B concepts.

Rooms hotel – The kitchen
The restaurant in the Rooms hotel ground floor is where we had probably the best dinner in Tbilisi so far. Great food (from meats to pasta and delicious asparagus risotto) and good wine. Usually busy in the evenings so booking a table might be a good idea. On the way out there’s a nice cocktail bar. Meals 25-35 GEL.

Cafe Stamba
Around the corner from the Rooms, there is an old publishing house transformed into several restaurants, cafes, and bars. Whatever you come for, you will find it here. Really good food – from modern variations on Georgian cuisine to international meals and burgers. I’ve probably never had better mushroom spaghetti. One of a few places roasting their own coffee and also growing their own herbs in the space garden inside. The herbs are getting pink light. Great drinks and a selection of wines, too. On top of that, you can find good spots for work here. Meals 25-35 GEL.

Fun fact – the first time in Tbilisi we stayed in Zamalek hotel right across the street from Stamba and still didn’t notice the place until our friend took us there. Thanks, Niko!

Last but not least is our favorite place to hang out. The old textile factory is now a hostel, co-working space, and a huge courtyard with several joints and bars. It’s usually crowded, especially when the weather is good, you’ll be struggling to find an empty table outside, but the cool hipsterish atmosphere is worth it! Our favorite food: sliders from the small window by the stairs next to the Flying Painter shop or Pipe Burger Joint oposite to it- burgers for 13-17 GEL. Favorite drink: cocktails from the bar inside the main hall – drinks for 8-10 GEL, beers around 4 GEL.

Food and drinks in the courtyard

Drinks inside the Factory building


Another restaurant of this chain. It is located across the street from Rooms. Since it is very difficult to get a spot there, it is still just on our bucket list.

Let’s have one more typical restaurant on the list. Melograno has a super nice garden and offers lunch menus combining Georgian and Italian cuisine which works nicely with their white wines. Lunch menu – around 10 GEL. Meals 15-20 GEL. Glass of wine 7-12 GEL.

Mama Terra Veggie Corner
Had a bit of a surreal experience here when the only waiter there told us he actually did not work there. He did not really know what’s on the menu. That was fun. We are not really fans of this cuisine, but if you’re looking for an only vegan or vegetarian place, check Mama Terra out, they have a pretty rich menu and the meals taste ok. Be ready to choose between vegan and vegetarian latte.

144 Stairs
This place is a bit touristy but otherwise lovable. It’s a hidden gem in the small streets of old Tbilisi. You actually have to walk up exactly 144 stairs to get there. But it will reward you with great views over the river and city center. My tip: pancakes (14 GEL) + Kisi wine  (8 GEL).

Resataurants outside Tbilisi
Beba Bari – Stepantsminda (Kuzbegi)
Small family restaurant run by mother and daughter where you will feel like having a lunch in someone’s house. Well, technically it is the case and I admire them for how they are able to cook everything in that small kitchen. Traditional Georgian cuisine, nothing outstanding but way better experience than those tourist traps on the main square. No English, cash only. We had grilled pork, eggplant with walnuts and grilled mushrooms. Meals 10-15 GEL. Beer 4 GEL.

Restaurant Didveli – on the way from Stepantsminda/Gudauri
If you need to stop for lunch on the way from Kuzbegi or Gudauri, this small family restaurant is a good option right by the Military road approximately 10 minutes from Gudauri (not well visible though so make sure to use the navigation). We tried traditional beans in a pot, mushrooms with cheese, and meatballs with mashed potatoes. Meals 12-16 GEL.

Babaneuris Marani – Vineyards near Telavi
Nice relaxing place, a favorite spot for families. They have a traditional menu and the chef is making the meat in a real fireplace down by the garden. Meals 25-35 GEL. Glass of wine 7 GEL.


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